The Saturday Wrap-Up - Memorial Day? What is Worth Dying for Now? - May 25, 2024

1 month ago

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This week’s Saturday wrap covers the increasing drive toward World War III in Ukraine. If the truth be told, there would be pitchforks stalking the Anglo-American elite. More than a half million Ukrainians have died because of Britain’s historic blood hatred of Russia and American tolerance and adoption of that insanity. We have to stop this attempt to trap Trump in a second term war now. Donald Trump held a stupendous rally in the South Bronx where the forgotten men and women turned out in droves to support him in a rally which will be heard throughout the world. Otherwise, it was revealed that Joe Biden’s FBI was prepared to use lethal force in the Mar-a-Lago raid. The ongoing New York legal atrocity against Trump reached a climax with the end of rigged evidence and jury deliberations to begin as early as next week. The backfire impact of this and the inflation stemming from globalist financier policies are reshaping the American political landscape and driving people from all walks of life to Donald Trump. Otherwise, we explore those ideas worthy of giving your life for, determined to not let those we now memorialize, to have died in vain.

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