Golden Retriever Assists Owner With Driving Duties

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Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesFor some dogs, a car ride is one of life’s happy experiences - almost as good as a roll in dead squirrel. For others, it’s a nerve-wracking experience that leaves them shivering and tense. What makes the difference? Let’s put it this way: If the destination is always the vet’s office, he’s probably not going to enjoy whatever gets him there. But if the car also takes him to parks, beaches, and on shopping expeditions, well, then, cars rock. Check out this cute footage of a dog putting a paw on the wheel. Priceless!

Traveling with dogs in the car can be a challenge. They whine, they yap and sometimes throw up before you’ve even fastened your seat belt. However, that is not entirely true for this dog. Being in the front seat is a real achievement for him. It means he is doing everything like he is told, so he has earned the right to engage the front seat. That is a real honor. It makes him feel important and it gives him a little power by trying to stir the wheel, lending a helping hand to his owner.

There is nothing more empowering for a dog than to be a proud little assistant to his owner. That is exactly what this Golden Retriever does in this video. Sliding his paw down the wheel repeatedly, this pooch is very inquisitive about the whole driving process. He sniffs around the car with his cute muzzle as if he wants to show how much he is into this new thing and that he is even inclined to learn some awesome techniques. While the wind gently pats his fur, the dog enjoys the ride and is happy beyond words.

Dogs can indeed learn new tricks with their quick intelligence, eagerness to please and unquenchable taste for treats. They are up to the task and an average dog is about as smart as a 2-year-old child.


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    "I got the wheel in case you get tired or fall asleep" Lol!

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