Possessed Cat Speaks In Tongues

AFVPublished: April 26, 2018
Published: April 26, 2018

There’s an old saying: show me a crazy cat, and I’ll show you some crazy cat owners. Now, to be fair, it’s only “old” in the sense that time has transpired between my typing it and your reading it, and only a saying in the sense that I said it aloud as I typed it, but I think there’s some truth to that. Perhaps a kitty might have that cuckoo streak in them all along, but it most certainly takes the right kind of owner to bring it out in them. Unless you think that cats just do wild stuff on their own, in which case you might be a kook yourself.

This is a kitty named Boomer, and he’s got a lot on his mind, apparently. While his human mom holds him, he goes off on all sorts of subjects. I’m sure it would be quite a trip if we understood what he was saying, don’t you? He keeps sticking his tongue in and out, in and out. Why is that, do you think? What is going on in that enigmatic cat skull of yours, Boomer?

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