Thirsty horse insists on sharing sharing cyclist's apple juice

Published April 26, 2018 1,646 Views $2.63 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsWhen Dave goes for a bike ride, he always brings snacks and juice and he often stops along the way to visit with one of his horse buddies. Blaze has figured out that Dave has treats and that he will share them if you have an irresistible face like Blaze does. He eagerly meets Dave at the fence for a scratch behind the ears and a share of his fruit or granola bars whenever he sees him.

Dave wanted to get a little video of Blaze and he started up his GoPro. Meanwhile, Blaze, being a very curious horse had his nose right in the camera and that's when he must have gotten a whiff of the apple juice in Dave's water bottle. Suddenly, that's what he wanted and he wasn't about to take "no" for an answer. Dave decided to give Blaze a little drink and it was a definite hit. Blaze slurped happily on the juice while Dave laughed. He's a sloppy drinker and he spilled as much as he drank but you can tell he loves his juice. Luckily, Dave had an extra bottle so the horse slobber on the first one wasn't a big problem.

Dave has been visiting Blaze for a few years and he rarely pedals past without stopping. Horses are smart animals and they catch on quickly, especially when there are treats to be had. Horses are also very curious animals and they will try to see what you're doing or what you're eating whenever they can. Blaze wants to try whatever Dave has so it's no surprise that he would want some of the juice too.

Horses are very social animals and enjoy the company of other horses. As a rule, they do better in a herd or at least in pairs. They are also very social with humans and are often eager to interact with people for affection or for food, or simply out of curiosity. If a person stands quietly at a fence beside a pasture where horses are grazing, the horses will usually come over to visit. Over time, they will learn to recognize people who are friendly, or who regularly bring treats and they will become very confident. Horses are also mischievous and they even have a sense of humor.

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