Hollywood Star Power Rejected & Found Dyson Spheres Prove Alien Life

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Hollywood โ€œstar powerโ€ is being rejected, and Dyson spheres may have been found in other solar systems that prove alien life exists: These are the weirdest things that happened this week, which will be covered on this Friday Night Live with Ben and Rob.

From the early days, Hollywood stars have always been known to be the most influential people in society. Whether itโ€™s promoting a movie, being in a commercial, advertising a product on social media, or selling their own books, celebrities sell. However, the Hollywood star power appears to be fading as more and more people are turning away. Theyโ€™re tired of seeing so many celebrities being โ€œbought outโ€ just to push an agenda, promote crypto-currency, or describe a product that they appear to be pushing just for the money.

The Rock was given a new nickname, Dwayne โ€œThe Adโ€ Johnson, after a viral video emerged of him promoting a product. The only difference is that this viral video is doing the opposite for his fan base. He lost hundreds of thousands of social media followers. But he isnโ€™t the only celebrity that this is happening to. Even the Kardashians are facing scrutiny as they do social media ads. But what are the long-term effects of this downward trend? Will the Hollywood star power keep fading and give rise to new influential people who are taking over the spotlight? Or will Hollywood bounce back from the decline?

In other โ€œstar powerโ€ news, astronomers have possibly found evidence of the first ever seen โ€œDyson Spheres,โ€ which are structures that civilizations could build out in space to harness the radiation of a star. If these have really been discovered, it proves that an extremely advanced, alien race built them. What does this mean for our own existence?

In this Friday Night Live, tune in for the weekly Mandela Effect segment, the โ€œDig Deepโ€ Live Q&A, and stick around for the fan-favorite Top 10 Weirder News of the Week only on Rise.TV! See you out โ€ฆ on the edge!ย 

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