Mother And Daughter’s First Embrace After Being Separated For 22 Years

Published April 26, 2018 521 Plays $1.34 earned

Rumble / Heartwarming FamiliesMany of us are lucky to have great relationships with our mothers. They did their best to raise us right, they loved us with all they could, and we can still share a text message, phone call, and maybe best of all, a hug from time to time. Not everyone is that lucky.

There are some amazing stories of women who have gone their entire lives not knowing their birth mothers and mothers who spent years knowing they made the right decision but still hoping for the day to come when they would see their baby girl again. Their reunions and stories are absolutely heart warming and sure to get the water works flowing. Make sure to grab some tissues before you start watching this reunion.

We don’t know the reason for their separation neither do we know who or or who help them reunite, we only know what the sister’s brother discloses in the video: “My mom’s about to see my sister for the first time in 22 years and she doesn’t know that we are here, in Mexico right now, so we are about to go and see her and I am going to film the reaction and see what happens”. The strong bond between mom and her children never withers away, it can only get stronger and stronger and it is tie that is hard to break. No matter the circumstances, mother-child relationship will always stay rock solid.

With sighs of excitement, mom and daughter get back together again and hug each tightly. The heartfelt embrace and their emotional reaction is what makes us shed a tear and never stop appreciating how happy we are to have a highly functional family.