The Biblical Calendar - Qumran and Mishneh Torah

1 month ago

A question of proper authority has been brought to our attention regarding the Biblical calendar. The Jewish priests of the line of Zadok lost their place of authority over Judaism when they were exiled to Qumran. The residual Saduccees kept authority at the Temple, while the Pharisee movement gained traction in the synagogues. Jewish Law eventually became firmly established in the Mishneh Torah which prevails with rabbinical authorities of today. The Hillel calendar is the officially sanctioned calendar by Jewish authorities for determining the Jewish years, months and feasts. The Hillel calendar has been considered to be the properly authorized calendar for Torah observance for over 2000 years.

Are we intentionaly disrupting Jewish religious authority? Are we being antisemitic? Which calendar should we follow, and by what authority should we make our choice for proper, Biblical observance - Zadokite or Hillel? What does archaeological and historical evidence tell us about the basis of religious authority from Qumran and the Mishneh Torah?

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