EP49: Nikki Haley Stages Coup Against Trump Ahead of RNC Convention

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On Episode 49 of Loomer Unleashed, Laura will be joined by President Trump's 2016 campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski to discuss President Trump's historic rally in the Bronx, NY, news that Corey has been brought back on to assist in the upcoming RNC convention, and RINO infiltrators at the RNC who are seeking to undermine President Trump's reelection efforts ahead of 2024. Laura will talk to Corey about the importance of Trump loyalty oaths and what steps need to be taken ahead of November 2024 to ensure a blowout victory for President Trump.

Laura will also be joined by Dion Powell, a District Leader in the Bronx Conservative Party and one of the organizers of President Trump's rally in the Bronx to discuss why black people are flooding to the polls to support and vote for President Trump instead of Joe Biden.

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