Charlamagne tha God on Why He Won't Endorse Biden, and John Amanchukwu on the Truth About America

30 days ago

Megyn Kelly is joined by Charlamagne tha God, author of “Get Honest Or Die Lying,” to discuss why he's "not a fan" of President Biden, "The View" hosts trying to push him to endorse Biden, why he's exploring third party options in 2024 and has in the past, strategies for dealing with social anxiety, the need to hold yourself accountable and be self-aware, how to ground yourself in today’s world, how he dealt with and overcame challenges in his life growing up, the power of positivity, parenting in 2024, the extent of systemic racism in America, the true outlook on opportunity in America in 2024 for black Americans, white supremacy and racism today, the conditions of America under Biden versus under Trump, why black people might vote for Trump in record numbers, and more. Then Pastor John Amanchukwu, author of "Hoodwinked," joins to discuss his mission to ban sexualized books in schools around the country, how raising awareness about the issue at school board meetings had him interacting with police, his Christian values and how he leads his life, his view on black opportunity in America, the abortion issue as "black genocide," the truth about America, why he and conservatives are winning the fight, and more.

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