đź”´Biden RAGES after SECRET CIA order LEAKS!!

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- Whistleblowers reveal that the CIA obstructed the IRS's investigation into Hunter Biden by preventing the IRS from interviewing his lawyer Kevin Morris.
- Assistant U.S. District Attorney Leslie Wolf told investigators they could not pursue Morris based on information from the CIA, which was not shared with the investigators.
- President Biden drained one million barrels of oil from the Northeast Gasoline Reserve, meant for storm recovery, potentially risking the region's preparedness for disasters.
- The reserve's depletion was hidden in a 1050-page bill to prevent a government shutdown, leading to criticism of Biden's claim that Americans can afford high gas prices.
- Democrats received $130 million in earmarks for supporting House Speaker Mike Johnson’s spending bill, causing anger among House Republicans.
- Johnson's senior staffers are resigning amid controversy, while he faces pressure from Trump and clashes with Senator Chuck Schumer over inviting Israeli PM Netanyahu to Congress.
- Israel condemned U.S. condolences to Iran after the death of President Raisi and criticized European countries for recognizing Palestine, equating it to rewarding terrorism.
- Germany announced it would arrest Netanyahu if he visits, while disturbing reports highlight ongoing violence in the Israel-Hamas conflict.
- Biden's Gaza aid pier faces operational issues, with concerns that aid is not reaching its intended recipients.
- Former President Trump hinted at Johnson's possible ousting and criticized Biden’s border policies amid rising illegal immigration from the Middle East and China.
- RFK Jr. faced embarrassment after NFL star Aaron Rogers declined his VP offer, indicating a lack of serious vetting.
- Whistleblowers also allege the FBI covered for Obama and John Kerry by blocking arrests of Iranian terrorists to protect the Iran nuclear deal.

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