UK Column News - Wednesday 22nd May 2024.

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UK Column News - 22nd May 2024

Mike Robinson, Vanessa Beeley and Charles Malet with today's UK Column News.

00:21 Sunak Apologises For The Repeated Failure Of The State
07:54 Who Is Denying Genocide?
16:37 The Real Reasons For Food Price Hikes
25:28 Update And Announcements
27:27 Assange Remains In Prison
28:48 Global Response After Ebrahim Raisi’s Death
38:52 Introducing Børge Brende
40:34 UK Weather Modification Covered By National Security Censorship
47:07 UKC VERIFY: Maybe Turbulence Is Russian Plane Flu?
50:52 Abortions, The Good Law Project and Mermaids
59:57 PREPARE For A New Fear-Feeding Government Tool

Sunak Apologises For The Repeated Failure Of The State

00:21 Infected Blood Inquiry: The Inquiry Report

British Medical Journal (BMJ): Infected blood scandal: “Chilling” cover up hid truth for decades, public inquiry finds

UK Parliament: Hansard: Infected Blood

GOV.UK: PM statement on the Infected Blood Inquiry: 20 May 2024

UK Column search: Keyword: MHRA

UK Column featured: Playing God documentary by Jacqui Deevoy
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UK Column interview: Conservation of Education - Micah Siegel

Forthcoming UK Column interview: Ruth O'Rafferty - Scottish Vaccine Injury Group–Thursday 23rd May at 1PM

Brian Gerrish (YouTube): Walking the Dog: Episode 4

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Event: Stand In The Light Music Festival—24–27 May


Assange Remains In Prison

27:25 WikiLeaks (on X): Post

An important, if partial, victory" -  Tariq Ali News breaks down the  "appalling and vindictive" campaign against Julian #Assange, naming names along the way: #LetHimGoJoe

New York Post:  Biden ‘considering’ ending Julian Assange case — after Trump also flirted with idea

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