MkI Viper Launch

21 days ago

This is the first launch of the MkI Viper. The MkI Viper is powered by a hybrid rocket motor. The oxidizer is ~ 85% hydrogen peroxide (HTP). The fuel is poly-lactic acid (PLA) infused with potassium permanganate (KmNO4). The total mass of the MkI Viper is ~ 1.4 kg including ~ 150 gm of propellants. As such, the Viper meets the requirements for a class I rocket as defined by 14 CFR 101.22(a). In this video, the propellant load was 50 ml of ~ 80% HTP, 2 ml of Ethanol, and ~ 5 gm of PLA/KMnO4. Total mass of propellant was ~ 78 gm. Flight control is via an RC transmitter and receiver. On this flight, the controls were left in the neutral position to view the take off without guidance. The video shows the Viper yawing to port and pitching down. This can be corrected by rearranging the mass. The objective now is to learn to fly.

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