Faith & Freedom: Candace Cameron Bure, Matt Parrish, Jessica Tapia, & Tina Ramirez

1 month ago

Join us for an inspiring episode with actress, author and producer Candace Cameron Bure who discusses her new film "Unsung Hero" and staying true to her faith and family values. Matt Parrish from Task Force Dagger shares their mission to support veterans, and Jessica Tapia talks about standing up for her religious beliefs in public schools. Tina Ramirez highlights Hardwired Global Foundation's work promoting religious freedom worldwide. Stick around until the end for two very special guests and a happy announcement you don’t want to miss!

[2:18] Shemane welcomes multi talented actress, author, and producer Candace Cameron Bure to discuss her new film “Unsung Hero”, based on a true story; her experience revisiting the Full House franchise and its continued relevance to new generations; the importance of consistency in character and faith; encouragement for others to remain true to their beliefs

[15:38] Executive Director of Task Force Dagger Special Operations Foundation, and retired Green Beret Matt Parrish joins to discuss their mission to support veterans' needs; how Matt saved Sadie from a ramp at a festival; the importance of patriotic Americans supporting nonprofits; helping veterans and their families through rehabilitative and adaptive events, including the upcoming "Dagger Dive" in June; a heartwarming story of a paralyzed veteran

[25:36] Shemane introduces Jessica Tapia, a former public school teacher in California, who stood up for her religious beliefs against the district's gender identity policies and won; Tapia's attorney, Julianne Fleischer, emphasizes the importance of taking a stand for one's beliefs and finding strength in faith during times of spiritual warfare; standing firm in truth and trusting God

[38:00] Tina Ramirez, founder and President of Hardwired Global Foundation, joins to share how they aim to educate and train leaders to promote religious freedom and basic human rights in the Middle East and other regions where minorities face persecution and violence; teaching children the value of religious freedom through hands-on activities and education, with the goal of building a more peaceful future

[40:08] Shemane invites two very special guests, Ted Nugent and Jaxon; grieving the loss of a beloved dog named Happy Jackson, and welcoming their new puppy; the therapeutic benefits of spending time with dogs, providing a sanctuary and soul cleansing moment

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