The One Man Airforce

21 days ago

We originally did this as a short but by popular request we have now remade it as a full film.
It’s January 11, 1944, and over 140 B17’s from the 401st Bomber Group are locked in desperate combat in the skies above Germany. Bf 109s, 110s, and FW 190s swarm all over the American machines. At the head of the formation Lieutenant Colonel Allison C. Brooks can do nothing but encourage his men forward and hope. 44 P-51 Mustangs of the 354th Fighter Group race to the rescue. Lead by Major James H. Howard he spots the battle taking place through the clouds but also a second group of BF 109s far below, he’s evaluating the situation when suddenly a voice shouts over the radio “go down and get them!”
To his complete horror his entire fighter group immediately dives for the Messerschmitts. He tries to order them back but in the confusion only 3 of his fighters abort the run while the rest head straight into combat. How could just 3 of them hold off the Germans? What happens next is an incredible feat of aviation skill by Howard. Brooks later said of Howard’s defense of the B-17s, "For sheer determination and guts, it was the greatest exhibition I've ever seen. It was a case of one lone American against what seemed to be the entire Luftwaffe. He was all over the wing, across and around it. They can't give that boy a big enough award."

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