KMS Live | May 23, 2024 - We Stand With You

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Mick and Tom Shattuck are in studio as Kirk is disgusted by more old Coleman audio. (08:40) Justin's D'Angelo's video got buried in yesterday's Coleman news. (21:20) Kirk amends Jon in Warren's suspension and Pat Ford got Mick flowers. (22:50) Mick discusses Mut and Pat wanting him off the team. (27:15) Listening back to Justin's breathing from yesterday. (29:20) Mick guarantees 8 points in tonight's game. (32:20) Mut calls in to defend his take on Mick. (41:28) Mick seems to only be mad at Kirk. (48:00) Mick talks about his Crohns doctor. (51:10) Mick is curious about funeral prices. (54:30) Looking through Shark Minihane's props for tonight's game. (01:05:00) Kirk and Tom reflect on Dr. Dan. (01:10:50) Shattuck gives an update. (01:17:30) Alice Shattuck is too busy for podcasting. (01:19:20) Kirk asks Tom if he will have more kids. (01:22:15) Reviewing the Apple Music Top 100 Albums list. (01:29:20) Skibidi Biden. (01:33:45) Mick gives an update on his talks with Big Cat. (01:43:20) Trump and Biden talk. (01:47:30) Gilroy hasn't earned a spot on Team KMS.

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