Skier Crashes On Jump, Cartoonishly Loses Skis

AFVPublished: April 25, 2018
Published: April 25, 2018

This video of a skier crashing off of a jump is amazing! For one it is a surprisingly beautiful video. We have plenty of clips of skiers or snowboarders crashing in hilarious ways, but most of them feature someone at the bottom of a hill filming as someone else comes downhill toward them. A solid framing device but not objectively aesthetically pleasing. This video, though, just wow. Look at that framing. Take away the skier and you’ve just got a beautiful shot.

The sun is setting, or perhaps rising, on a beautiful snowy setting. The clouds are being lit up in a variety of oranges, yellows, reds, and even purples and blues. The snow on the mountain even kind of appears to be cloudlike. As though the guys in the video are skiing in the clouds and just happened across the sun during their journey. For me, it is a quite striking juxtaposition. Because, the actual fail would be wonderful even without this beautiful setting. It is as though someone smashed two great things together to create one amazing moment, it’s almost unfair.

The skier failing is like watching a real live Looney Tunes cartoon in action. He goes up simply and takes the jump before disappearing behind the snow hill. To be honest, you almost can’t even tell that he failed the jump. He appears to smoothly keep going. Although, his skis do seem a touch to close together when he hits the other side. Anyway, after he disappears behind the snow, suddenly in cartoon fashion, his skis shoot up into the air before dropping back down behind the hill. I could watch this video on loop for hours, and I might have already done so.

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