Little Girl Loves Ranch

AFVVirals Published April 25, 2018 99 Plays

Rumble Every kid has something that he or she really hates and loves to eat. So, when they get something that they hate, they usually try to find the way to toss that food and to hide it somehow, but when they are served what they really love….oh, boy! They can literary stuff their face with it! Just click on this video and you’ll see exactly what I mean. This clip shows a little girl who is having dinner with her family at a restaurant. She has a small bowl of ranch sauce in front of her, and she dips a piece of carrot in it, but instead of eating it, she just licks the sauce off the carrot and dips it back in! LOL! It seems that this funny little girl loves that ranch sauce that much that she could even drink it from that bowl if she were only allowed to! LOL!