Dad On Crutches Scares Son Awake With Classic Cymbals Trick

AFVPublished: April 25, 2018
Published: April 25, 2018

Dads waking up their teenage kids, usually boys, in increasingly absurd and hilarious ways is a classic in the dad joke or prank oeuvre. Part of these jokes is centered around the fact that it is so hard for teenagers to wake up in the morning, or the evening, or the middle of the afternoon. They sleep hard and for a long time. How often did your parents have to shake you awake to get up for school when you were a teenager? Or if you’re a parent, what does it take to get your teens up in the morning?

There are two conflicting issues of why teens are so sleepy. Part one is that teenage human beings needed to have a lot of sleep. They are in the middle of growing and developing with a lot of chemicals and hormones coursing through them. It’s a lot for young body to handle. One article we read said that the average teenager needs at least nine hours of sleep to feel alert and well rested. At the same time though a lot of competing factors mean that teens don’t get the required amount of sleep.

These factors include their changing bodies, busy schedules, active social lives, and a wrong perception of sleep from both the teenager and his or her parents. One of the biggest factors is that teenagers’ body clocks start to shift to them being more awake later at night, but with a schedule that requires them to still get up early for school. You have to train them to go to bed at similar hours while figuring out how they are shifting. One article recommended creating calm atmospheres before bed time so that kids can unwind into relaxing sleep, something we should all probably do.

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