Cry Baby Parrot: A bird cries like a toddler in a cage

Published April 25, 2018 50 Views

Rumble There is nothing more heartbreaking than listening to a baby’s or toddler's cry. But when that same crying sounds come from a bird, things become hilarious! Just check out this video and see it for yourself! This clip shows two parrots, one in the cage and the other under it, standing on a bar. And all of a sudden, you can hear a loud crying that sounds just like a baby or a toddler. A woman asks “Mario, what are you doing?” and adds “Oh, what’s wrong?” and then becomes clear that she is talking to one her beautiful parrots who can imitate a baby’s cry! OMG! Can you believe that? The way this bird cries it’s simply stunning! Who would have ever thought it’s even possible? We all know that these birds can learn to speak, but to cry? If I didn’t see this for myself, I wouldn’t believe it either!