FBI Authorized To Use “DEADLY FORCE” Against Trump

27 days ago

The FBI was authorized to use “deadly force” against Trump, the White House has to correct Biden’s speech TEN times, & women spend $4K on “rage” wellness retreats

1. FBI Was Authorized To Use “Deadly Force” Against Trump During Mar-A-Lago Raid - The Federalist
2. White House Issues 10 Correction For Biden’s Detroit Speech - Free Beacon
3. UPenn Encampment Participant Claims School Left Her “Homeless,” Despite Family’s Insane Wealth - Free Beacon
4. California Town Replaces Traffic Lights With Stop Signs As Homeless People Routinely Steal Copper In Lights - DailyMail
5. Women Spend $4,000 On Rage Wellness Retreat To Scream In Forest, Bash Sticks - Oli London

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