Biden THROWS TANTRUM after TWO NEW stories leak!!

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Grant Stinchfield and Stephen Gardner cover two big stories that make Biden look like a tyrant. Follow Grant on YouTube - Also at Visit

I know you’ve covered this with your news company, but this new revelation coming out that the FBI and DOJ gave permission to use deadly force on Trump, his property and people is scary. These orders it appear come right from the top, Biden and Merrick Garland. Your thoughts Grant.

It’s all started to look like a James Patterson novel. The setting president and his team have a closed door cloak and dagger meeting. They decide we will send the past president more documents than he knows what to do with. We will then demand them back. We will then put a plan into motion where by we can attack his Florida compound. If people are hurt so be it, we need those documents we mailed him back. If we can’t kill him then we will kill his reputation and make people believe he’s selling out his country as a spy. We’ll jail him for 700 years for espionage. Like am I wrong here Grant?

What drug do you think President Biden was on for his state of the union speech? Its so obvious. He was sharp but extremely mean. Then you juxtapose that with his every day speeches and he can barely gets words out. He reads the quiet part on the teleprompter. And he’s mixing up dead people and hostages held by hamas.

What is the white house and the DOJ hiding on those audio tapes with Joe Biden and Special prosecutor Robert Hur? Why are those suddenly being blocked by committees that have a right to hear them?

Michael Cohen. What is the deal with this guy? He’s admitted to 6 felonies, He’s admitted to being a serial liar and perjurer and to stealing money from Trump and the Trump organization. Did this whole thing back fire and make Trump look good or what?

Also, youre thoughts on so many top republicans showing up at court to support Trump.

I had a video about the elections go mega viral with millions of views. I’m curious youre reaction with the elections committee in Georgia admitted they couldn’t find 380,761 ballot images from election day and over 17,000 ballot images from the recount. Who is destroying these ballots and doesn’t this flip Georgia to Trump?

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