Lizard And Dog Set The Example Of A True Friendship

Published April 25, 2018 266 Views $8.89 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsFew things seem to capture the public imagination more reliably than friendly interactions between different species. A goat frolics with a baby rhinoceros. A pig nestles up to a house cat. A rat snake makes nice with the dwarf hamster originally intended as its lunch. Videos of unlikely animal pairs romping or snuggling have become so common that they are piquing the interest of some scientists, who say they invite more systematic study. Among other things, the alliances could add to an understanding of how species communicate, what propels certain animals to connect across species lines and the degree to which some animals can adopt the behaviors of other species.

This bearded dragon loves to cuddle with its doggy best friend. The lizard is careful, caring and not intrusive at all. Though they share this incredible friendship and might even be the best of friends, he wants to make sure that his doggy friend is in a mood to hang out with him. That is what a real friend looks like! His way of knocking on a friend’s door is done by licking the dog’s leg and when he realizes that it is free to go in, the hang-out can start. With one long jump, he gets on top of the dog and stays there for a while, enjoying the benefits of a life filled with everlasting friendship. After the short nice rest, the lizard can go on doing whatever pet lizards do at home, while the dog can continue with being massaged. It’s a double win - not only the dog made the lizard happy by letting him repose on his back, he also got a full body treatment by his owner. What a unique animal unique animal friendship!