Build Back Better: Biggest Restaurant Chains Collapsing In 2024

2 months ago

I couldn't decide whether to categorize this as entertainment, comedy, news, or politics; so I just put it in the political news department since the culprit is more than obviously Creepy Uncle Joe Biden's "Build Back Better" business acumen.

Prepare to celebrate as we unveil the top 10 restaurant chains facing unprecedented challenges and closures in 2024 due largely to going woke. They are totally aloof as to why their sales are lagging, but we all know why.

Join us as we uncover the reasons behind the downfall of these once-thriving restaurant chains, from shifting consumer preferences to economic upheavals to woke politics. Discover the inside scoop on iconic brands struggling to adapt to changing times and fierce competition.

From beloved fast-food joints to renowned sit-down establishments, no restaurant chain is immune to the seismic shifts reshaping the dining landscape, except those not giving in to the far left religion of wokism. We’ll explore the factors contributing to their decline and examine the ripple effects felt across the industry.

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