Elite Pedo Victim Claims 'Hung' Michelle Obama Attended Satanic Sex Parties

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2 months ago

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Welcome back to the People’s Voice where breaking news out of the Obama household raises the question – is absolutely everything about Barack and Michelle a carefully constructed lie?

The dark truth about Michelle Obama has been hiding in plain sight for years now.

Michelle’s high school boyfriend has confirmed she is in fact a biological male, and child rape victims are coming forward to testify they were raped by the former first lady – when she was a man.

Then there is the eye test. Some things simply cannot be unseen.

Then there is Barack Obama, whose own family have outed him as a closeted homosexual, as has his college girlfriend, and multiple former male lovers. How many people have to come forward before the mainstream media accept their liberal pin-up boy might not be who he claims to be?

If everything about the Obamas is a lie, then questions must be asked – who are they, and why are the elite so determined to protect them?

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