Boise police justified in fatally shooting suspect who was armed with a knife, hammer and crowbar

1 month ago

The Boise Police Officers who shot and killed a Boise man last summer have been found justified in their actions under the law, according to a release by the Boise Police.

The Blaine County Prosecuting Attorney Matthew Fredback was brought in to review the shooting as part of the Critical Incident Task Force. Fredback determined that the actions of the officers were justifiable under the law.

On August 3, 2023, two Boise Police Officers responded to multiple calls for assistance by Christian Johnson. Responding officers were aware that Johnson was likely using methamphetamine at the time, and reported that his behavior was agitated and erratic upon arrival.

Johnson was armed with a knife and a hammer when officers arrived. The video from the bodycam worn by the officers has been released. The video shows both officers commanding Johnson to drop the weapon multiple times and attempting to resolve the issue peacefully. Instead, Johnson raised the knife and charged both officers, who opened fire.

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