Men Need To Be Heard - A Father's Guide To Family Court (Part II)

1 month ago

This is part 2 of a series of videos I am doing with my guest @FatherX2022 who works to educate men on the realities of family court and gives them tips and advice on how they can protect their rights as parents and fend off the bias of family court.

In part 1 we laid the ground work of what to expect as a father going through a divorce and how to prepare yourself for the journey. After seeing that we heard from many fathers who thanked us and asked us if we could go into more detail on some of the particulars which is why we are doing this episode and a couple more.

In this episode we're continuing where we left off in part 1. Among the topics we explore in detail in this episode:

* The realities of the bias against fathers in family court and how you can best mitigate them

* How the process works from start to finish and steps you need to take as your make your way through your divorce

* How to deal with rampant false allegations and the silver bullet in family court and what you need to do to ensure you're rights as a father and individual are protected

* The toll dealing with family court takes on those involved, physically, mentally, spiritually and financially and how to take care of yourself and lessen that toll as you make your way through your divorce

For even more detailed information visit Father X's Channel: @FatherX2022

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