đź”´BREAKING: Judge Merchan BUSTED in collusion against Trump | Rep Dan Goldman funding judges daughter

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Stephen Gardner update today.

1. **Todd Blanche Diminishes Michael Cohen’s Credibility:**
- Trump’s lawyer, Todd Blanche, undermined Michael Cohen’s credibility by presenting evidence that Cohen lied about his feelings regarding not being appointed to Trump's presidential cabinet. Text messages revealed Cohen was upset about not getting the job, suggesting a motive of revenge against Trump.
- Blanche further trapped Cohen by contrasting his testimony about discussing hush money payments with Trump against phone logs and text messages. These records indicated Cohen spoke to Trump’s bodyguard about a prank call, not directly to Trump about payments.

2. **White House Defends Biden’s Executive Privilege:**
- The White House defended President Biden’s decision to invoke executive privilege to block the release of audio tapes from his interview with Special Counsel Robert Hur. Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre cited advice from the Attorney General that law enforcement files need protection, sparking skepticism about what Biden might be hiding.

3. **Economic Advisor Jared Bernstein’s Controversial Statements:**
- In a Fox Business interview, Chief Economic Advisor Jared Bernstein inaccurately claimed that core inflation was 9% when Biden took office, despite it being 1.4% and rising to about 6% by the end of Q2 2021. This misstatement was corrected in real-time, leading to a heated exchange with the interviewer.

4. **Trump’s Trial as a Campaign Platform:**
- With Trump unable to campaign due to his trial, his trial has essentially become his campaign. Prominent supporters like Vivek Ramaswamy and House Speaker Mike Johnson have attended in person to show support, though Johnson’s motives have been questioned.

5. **Allegations of Corruption in Trump’s Trial:**
- Investigative journalist Laura Loomer revealed that New York Democrats, including Rep. Dan Goldman, have financial ties to Loren Merchan, daughter of Judge Juan Merchan overseeing Trump’s trial. This relationship raises concerns about a conflict of interest and potential corruption, as Goldman has been financially supporting Merchan’s consulting business while also being involved in preparing a key witness against Trump.

**Discussion Points:**
- **Cohen’s Credibility:** Blanche’s strategy to undermine Cohen’s credibility seems effective, but how will this impact the overall perception of the trial and Trump’s defense?
- **Biden’s Executive Privilege:** The decision to block the release of the audio tapes raises questions about transparency and what might be on those tapes.
- **Inflation Misstatement:** Bernstein’s incorrect inflation claim undermines the administration’s credibility on economic issues. How significant is this error in the broader political context?
- **Political Support and Motives:** The presence of political figures at Trump’s trial and the questioning of their motives highlight the trial's political implications. What does this mean for the separation of political and legal processes?
- **Allegations of Corruption:** Loomer’s findings suggest potential corruption within the judicial process. How might this influence public trust in the trial’s fairness?

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