The Knicks' Curse: Reggie's Revenge! - Weird AI Prompt 63

1 month ago

I feel for the Knicks, I really do. Particularly this year with all their injuries. The Pacers just kept coming though! I loved this rivalry growing up, Ewing VS Miller, Knicks vs Pacers. Great times!
So what if the Knicks were actually still being haunted by these memories, and that led to history repeating itself?!?
The thought of the ghost of Reggie stalking the halls of the Garden even though he's still alive tickles me also, so enjoy!

My prompt was, "Make a funny video about how the New York Knicks were actually cursed by Reggie Miller in the 90's and they are doomed to never defeat the Pacers in a series. Speak about how Julius Randle has nightmares of Rik Smits flying through his window, and how Jalen Brunson sees the ghost of Reggie Miller (who isn't actually dead) in the halls of of Madison square Garden."

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The Knicks' Curse: Reggie's Revenge!


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