The Scariest Japanese Urban Legends

1 month ago

Aka Manto, Hachishakusama, the slit mouthed woman and kisaragi station are just some of the terrifying Japanese urban legends we'll be covering in this entry into The Tape Library. Japan is a culture that is full of creepy ghost stories and tales of horror.

We'll encounter 8 foot tall demons, travel to lost villages full of murderers, discover cursed websites and much more. Buckle up, this is going to be a scary one.

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00:00 Warning. This video may be cursed.
01:00 Kisaragi Station
13:21 The Red Room Curse
15:47 Aka Manto
16:57 The Slit Mouthed Woman
18:15 Teke Teke/ Kashima Reiko
19:05 Inunaki Village
21:25 8 Feet Tall

8 Feet Tall Translation -

Inunaki Village -

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