Ex-Secret Service REVEALS the TRUTH about Biden's Border Invasion!!

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Pick up Charles' new book: https://amzn.to/4dP7kZl Terrorists on the Border and in Our Country https://www.charlesmarino.com/ Follow on X @charles_marion In this video, national security expert and author Charles Marino and Stephen Gardner discusses the serious threats posed by terrorist activities and illegal immigration at the U.S. Southwest border. The conversation, guided by several pointed questions, delves into various aspects of the national security crisis.

**FBI Director's Warning:** The video begins with a discussion on FBI Director Christopher Wray's warning to Congress and the national security community about the grave national security threat posed by the open Southwest border. Charles Marino explains that despite this high-level warning, there seems to be insufficient action from the government to secure the border. He highlights a growing concern among people outside the White House in Washington, D.C., about the border and terrorist activities within the U.S.

**Music Therapy for Migrant Children:** The conversation shifts to the controversial approval by Biden’s team of music therapy for illegal migrant children. Marino criticizes the misuse of taxpayer money, which is funneled to organizations profiting from these programs while neglecting American children and families. This raises questions about the administration's priorities and the efficiency of such expenditures.

**Chinese Illegal Immigrants:** Marino addresses the often-overlooked issue of Chinese nationals sneaking into the U.S. He outlines the significant security concerns this presents, including potential espionage and other criminal activities. The problem, he states, is larger than most Americans realize and requires urgent attention.

**NGOs and Taxpayer Money:** The discussion continues with a critique of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) that receive substantial taxpayer funding while allegedly encouraging illegal immigration. Marino argues that these organizations are effectively using American citizens' money to undermine the country's security and stability.

**Illegal Immigrant Crime and Accountability:** Marino discusses a recent incident where over 200 illegal immigrant men rushed the border, causing injuries to National Guard soldiers. He criticizes the judicial decision to wipe these men's records clean, suggesting it sends a dangerous message that illegal and violent actions will go unpunished in America.

**Misreporting of Crimes:** The conversation touches on allegations that crimes committed by illegal aliens are sometimes mislabeled by authorities as being committed by white males. Marino suggests there may be some truth to these claims and emphasizes the need for accurate reporting to maintain public trust and safety.

**Anti-American and Anti-Semitic Sentiment:** Marino comments on the disturbing rise of anti-American and anti-Semitic sentiment, particularly on college campuses. He notes the troubling influx of such ideologies among foreigners and wealthy white students, reflecting a deeper issue within American society.

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