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29 days ago

THE ROAD TO GENEVA - #TheGenevaProject

Global Call for Freedom

On June 1st, we call upon all freedom advocates around the world to gather in front of the U.N. headquarters at Pace des Nations in Geneva, Switzerland. This is a call to all those who oppose the tyrannical agenda seeking to impose a slavery agenda through health dictatorship and instead stand for freedom, sovereignty and are DECLARING their INDEPENDENCE from the globalists that have tried to control us.

All Roads Lead to Geneva
Date: June 1st, 2024 at 13:30
Location: United Nation Place des Nations, Geneva (CH)
Our goal is clear: to resist oppression and declare our individual freedoms and national sovereignty.

Why we are gathered:
Against the imposition of authoritarian policies in the name of public health, but moreover, for our freedom and sovereignty. They can not have what we refuse to give them!

Against the usurpation of countries' sovereignty by the WHO and pandemic treaties.

Against any form of absolute control over humanity, disguised as benevolence.
Join us on this historic day:

If you value individual freedom and national sovereignty.
If you care about the future of generations to come in a free world.
If you refuse to be silenced or subdued by authoritarian agendas.
They are few, but we are 8 billion! Together, we can and will make a difference.
Say NO to the WHO! Say YES to freedom!

Share this call with all your friends, family, and colleagues. Together, let's make this event a landmark in the history of the fight for freedom.

Join us:
#roadtogeneva #ExitTheWHO

Thank you, Paola, for many of your words here. I look forward to seeing you all in Geneva!

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