The Monday Brief - World-Wide It Is The Economy, Stupid - May 20, 2024

1 month ago

That famous campaign theme by James Carville is shaping the entire dynamic in the world this Monday. Russia and China are tackling the economic imperative of driving technological progress in such a way as to lift the productive powers of their populations. Meanwhile, Biden and his London friends are awash in the fraud of modern monetary theory which Matt Taibbbi hilariously derides here That's what is eating your livlihood and our culture. Biden goes to Martin Luther King's alma mater and cites the drug addict George Floyd as the black man's icon. The Trump Manhattan atrocity wraps up. Ukraine and the Middle East remain in a British geopolitical warfare genocide. We reflect on how the oligarchy's mind and cultural warfare weaponry came into being on August 15, 1971. With the right Trump victory we can dismantle all of them.

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