BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 5/20/2024 Lilyana Hearing, Jeff Buongiorno, Stefanie Lambert

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8am LIVE Hearing of Lilyana Rose - Live broadcast of Lilyana Rose. Lilyana is the child kidnapped by CPs in the state of Tennessee. Her dad, J6er Tom Hamner, and her Mom Steffany Hamner will be joining us today with updates. The Hamner Family is in need of participation and support from "WE THE PEOPLE" to be a witness to an upcoming Webex court hearing taking pllace on Monday May 20th at 10am MTN time. The Hamner family is requesting that as many people as possible take part, just by sitting in the audience and listening to the court hearing.

9am - Jeff Buongiorno & Jason Ickes - Jeff has had a life changing experience with 5G and will be sharing what he has uncovered and how this is going to affect the future. Jeff's research skills into our elections are expanding to the issue of 5G and how it is harming human beings.
Jeff Buongiorno and a team of cyber experts have been investigating the crisis in our election infrastructure! Recently the information went viral and we will discuss current acceleration in information uncovering the fraud and theft in failed processes in our elections. Jeff Buongiorno is a cyber and data consultant who has worked in the IT field for over 30 years. Jeff built a successful Cyber company that works with US Manufactures in implementing business process and computer systems to accommodate the processes. Jeff accumulated over 100 IT certifications throughout his career and considers himself to be a jack of trade and Master of none. He is currently running for US Congress FL District 21 for a second time. Jeff has been an election reform activist since Nov 4th, 2020. Today we'll discuss a National Crisis caused by vulnerabilities in our election infrastructure. We will try to connect the dots between a vulnerable election infrastructure and the anomalies found in the data, some reaching the odds as farfetched as one in 15 trillion.

Born and raised in Grand Rapids, Jason Ickes developed a strong sense of duty and patriotism from an early age. His journey into public service began when he enlisted in the United States Army, ultimately earning a place among the elite ranks of the Green Berets. Jason’s military career took him to various corners of the globe, where he bravely defended American values and interests.

As a Green Beret, Jason Ickes served in diverse and challenging environments, gaining a unique and invaluable perspective on the importance of fighting for America’s strength and security on the world stage. Ickes has personally fought terrorism and foreign adversaries while also rebuilding nations and fostering multilateral relations.

10am Stefanie Lambert - Update on the current legal battles going on.

11am Tom and Steffanie Hamner post hearing update.

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Guests: Donna Brandenburg, Tom Hamner, Stefanie Hamner, Jeff Buongiorno, Jason Ickes, Stefanie Lambert

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