Yasuke Wikipedia Drama, CD Projekt Red Menstruation Award | CTRL+STREAM+DEL Livestream #04

1 month ago

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Gaming News + Gameplay LIVE on Clownfish Gaming. They're changing Yasuke's Wikipedia page to back up Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed Shadows drama, CD Projekt Red wins a DEI award for menstrual leave, Amazon put Phoebe Waller Bridge in charge of Tomb Raider after she destroyed Indian Jones and Roblox is teaming up with Netflix. Gameplay is of Golden Axe Returns, a fan game that Sega recently, um, axed.

00:00 Google may be bypassing websites, leading to a decline in traffic and potential end of Kotaku, while CD Projekt Red faces controversy over a menstrual leave award.

12:05 Companies working on inclusive work environments, concerns about disincentivizing hiring of female employees, Kotaku controversy, Wikipedia edit war over historical character Yasuke, and the speaker's excitement for live streaming despite limited time.

17:32 Wikipedia controversy over Yasuke, first black samurai, with debate on racism and misinformation, while Twitter users question historical accuracy and former Ubisoft contractor confirms original pitch for Japanese Assassin's Creed.

25:29 Amazon confirms Tomb Raider series for Prime Video with Phoebe Waller Bridge as writer and executive producer, addressing the problematic nature of the franchise and the impact of colonialism in the official tabletop game.

34:46 Netflix and Roblox team up for a virtual theme park with activities based on popular franchises, while Ubisoft faces criticism for charging $130 for a new game and putting ads in their games.

40:11 Discusses news and plans to play a game, specifically the Golden Axe game, which was taken down by Sega, and expresses frustration over losing their weapon while playing a fan-made game.

01:23:00 Sega made a mistake by taking down "Golden Axe: Reborn," and the speaker thanks viewers and mentions the possibility of more Minecraft streams in the future.

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