Tuba Kid Swivel-Chair Dances

Published April 23, 2018 825 Plays

Rumble Have you ever watched something and still been at a loss for comprehending it? When it’s something that appears very straightforward and doesn’t seem to have any hidden meaning, it becomes all the more baffling. All you have are questions. Why was this made? What is the point of this? Are they intentionally trying to be funny? Why was this made? When a short clip has the ability to extract this many queries, you can be sure it’s something special.

Let’s lay it all out for you. We have a teen or pre-teen age boy wearing only black boxer briefs puffing on a tuba that he’s supporting on a swivel chair as he moves in a circle. Off camera (and likely operating it) is the boy’s mother, singing a tune about a Tiki Room that a Google search reveals to have been written for a Disneyland attraction. The TV is on in the background; a football game, it would appear. This goes on for a full forty-five seconds, and there’s hardly even a glimmer of a wink to the camera, no self-aware “we’re in on it” look in the least.