Amazing And Polite Dog Loves To Eat With A Fork

Published April 23, 2018 116 Plays $0.31 earned

Rumble During our daily lives, most of us make sure we set aside time to do our work, take care of our families, support our friends, maintain our homes, and the like. Are we, though, also making room for moments of blissful happiness? Let's take a moment to enjoy this incredibly funny video of a dog eating with a fork! You will be amazed by the good manner this dog has!

Her owner talks about her dog saying: "I was eating dinner and my dog, Mina, was sitting beside me and waiting to get some food. I thought it would be funny to film when she eats from the fork and send it to my friends to them to watch because it's really funny how she does it!" We can believe how patient and calm she is! Good job Mina! This video was filmed on April 13, 2018, / Moi, Norway.

It's every dog's dream to be able to sit at the kitchen table and eat alongside their humans. Mina probably deserves a chair at the table as she is so well behaved! We love dogs, so dogs don’t need to do much to impress us.

If you give your dog food with a fork will your dog behave like this? Well, not all dog are so graceful looking dogs when they eat. This dog has funny way of eating peanut butter and his face is adorable and funny! !"