EASY Homemade Allergy Medicine - Medical Prepping for SHTF - Natural Medicine

26 days ago

Medical Prepping for SHTF / Natural Medicine: this video shows how you can make your own natural allergy medicine out of Goldenrod in an emergency situation.
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This channel is about prepping, self-defense, and how to stay out of jail should you have to defend yourself.
I am a 20-year police veteran and a staunch supporter of the rights of the people and the US Constitution.
I am also a police academy certified instructor in many topics; but I specialize in firearms and Use of Force law.

*Special Notes:
I am NOT an attorney or a medical doctor, so nothing in my videos should be misconstrued as legal advice or medical advice.
Also, the Use of Force and the Use of Deadly Force and alternative and/or natural medicine should only be used in emergency situations. It is also YOUR responsibility to know your state's laws on self-defense and to get medical advice from your medical professional.
I am also an affiliate with several survival & self-defense related companies. Many links will be affiliate links.
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