Adorable English Mastiff Can't Stop Cleaning His Rescued Sister's Face

Published April 23, 2018 275 Plays $0.44 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesEvery day around the world, a countless number of stray, homeless, lost and abandoned dogs have to fend for themselves. They don’t deserve to be left out on the street, they deserve to be in a loving home filled with endless hugs. The happiness that a beloved pet can bring a person is impossible to measure. We always smile when we see videos of happy dogs playing with their owners or lying in a comfy bed, that’s the life dogs deserve. Unfortunately, not all dogs have that luck.

It’s always a good thing to adopt dogs and not buy them, as we know love can be bought with money. However, rescuing a dog and giving it a great home it’s the greatest happiness and love you can get.

That’s why this family decided to rescue a dog and the happiest of all to have a new sister was their dog Gunner. If you’re dog lovers like us, then you will be very happy when you watch this video.

Gunner loves cleaning his new rescued sister Gracie Lou, helping her feel love for the first time! They are so amazing! It’s really amazing to see a dog accepting another dog so quickly and giving so love to her! We know Gracie feels so blessed and welcome into this beautiful home with her new brother by her side knowing that he will guard her and cherish her always! Adorable video!