What Happened to WES STUDI?

27 days ago

Actor Wes Studi heard that director Michael Mann was putting together a little bank robbery picture called Heat. According to Wes Studi himself, he proactively called Michael Mann's office to land the role of Detective Sammy Casals. His passion for the character and project led to his Last of the Mohicans director casting him again in another great role that allowed him to show off some range. This allowed Wes Studi to go beyond the “leather and feathers of period dramas” even though he excels in those too. He stole the show in Best Picture Dances with Wolves and his character didn’t even have a real name, the credits call him “Toughest Pawnee”. And he is probably the only actor who can get away with asking Daniel Day-Lewis to sign his autograph... with his left foot. He has worked alongside some of the most talented artists in the biz and made sure to thank them when he technically became the first Native American to win an Oscar. Upon accepting his unholy golden idol, he received a standing ovation from his peers and colleagues, who finally recognized this man’s work. Iconic Native American actor Wes Studi, perfected his craft by embracing his personal and ancestral history. Using his like experiences, he is able to help audiences feel like they are fighting along side a true warrior. He had already led what most would refer to as a full life before he entered acting, so he rightfully has always seen himself as more than an actor. So gather around and pass over that peace pipe as we try to find out how this dude became such a cinematic badass and discover What Happened to Wes Studi.

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