Talk Is Jericho Highlight: Renny Harlin Talks The Strangers & Nightmare On Elm Street 4

1 month ago

Director Renny Harlin is a huge horror movie fan thanks to his mom and cites Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho as his all-time favorite! Hear his take on horror flicks and movie-making in general, and how all of that shaped his take on his latest epic undertaking, “The Strangers: Chapter 1,” which hit theaters today! It’s the first in a horror trilogy, all shot at the same time, and all to be released within a 12-month period! Renny has stories from casting to shooting to the emotion & cry charts he made for his actors. He, of course, also talks about Bruce Willis and Die Hard 2, Cutthroat Island’s lack of success, why The Long Kiss Goodnight wasn’t as successful as everyone hoped, and explains how he landed the directing gig for Nightmare on Elm Street 4 as a virtual unknown. Plus, Renny reveals the movie he’s most embarrassed to be associated with, the one he thinks is a bit overlooked and underrated, and the infamous drink he created and shared with John Cena.

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