Will Terrorists Take Down America's Power Grid? With Glenn Rhoades | The StoneZONE w/ Roger Stone

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Glenn Rhoades of the Task Force on National and Homeland Security (EMPTaskForce.us) joins Roger Stone and his co-host Troy Smith, the Editor-inChief at Slingshot.news to discuss the very real threat of either the Chinese or terrorists taking down the electrical power grid.

Stone said that he had recently gotten both a satellite phone and a solar powered charger for that phone in anticipation of an attack which shut down America's electricity.

Rhoades stressed that such an attack on America's infrastructure would more likely be a worldwide attack, and then it would plunge the entire planet into chaos

Stone stressed the importance of having a satellite phone because cell phone service would immediately cease and recommended that listeners go to  https://Sat123.com/Roger Where they can get a free satellite phone if they sign up for satellite service at the low price of $95.99


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