Dog Has A Mission To Leave Owner With No Blanket

Published April 22, 2018 4,397 Plays

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesHow can you not love dogs when they can make your day. There are hundreds of videos about dogs being naughty, playful, stubborn, feeling guilty or refusing owners to do what they have to do. Dogs can be funny little creatures and we can’t have enough of watching those videos.

Many dog breeds have certain characteristics that make the breed stand out from the rest. This adorable Shiba Inu puppy is one of those dashingly attractive, fox-like, independent, and immeasurably confident dogs and he is trying his very best to wake up his owner by repeatedly removing the blanket. The ferocity with which he removes the blanket matches his fiery personality. And like any other dog, he just wants to play and fool around. Sleeping in the middle of the day is just intolerable for this dog. He doesn’t have time to wait for her owner to wake up and entertain him, so he decides he can entertain himself, instead. Why not? Sometimes we are our own greatest and most amusing friends.

He feels totally comfortable lying on the bed next to the owner while biting the blanket in an attempt to uncover his human. No matter how hard she tries to keep covering herself again and again, it just won’t do for this dog. He loves his “cover me-uncover me” game and he is resolved to get to the very bottom of it. Pulling, tugging, biting is what he does to help see his mission run smoothly and for one short moment we can even see that he succeeds. However, dogs lose interest when not paid attention to, so this Shiba Inu gives up his mission and leaves the bed.