Adorable Puppies Are Having Blast Playing With Camera

Published April 21, 2018 5,164 Views $1.16 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesThese 13 puppies are the offspring of a beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog and a handsome and powerful Maremma Sheep Dog. They have been brought to the veterinarian for their very first appointment. They are getting a checkup, their first vaccinations and a clean bill of health so they can go to their forever homes. But there are so many puppies that the floor is covered with adorable, fluffy puppies.

While the veterinarian does her job and has each one up on the examination table, the others take turns sleeping, playing, chasing tails and even chewing on the camera. To a puppy this age, anything is a play toy and everything needs to be explored fully.

It took almost two hours for all of the puppies to get checked weighed and have their shots. Most of them were exhausted by the time they were done. Being a puppy must be harder than it looks and they even sleep through the energetic ones climbing over the top of them.

Dexter and Stella, the parents of these dogs, are exceptionally beautiful and remarkably good-natured. These pups had a lineup of people wanting them and it took no time at all to find 13 perfect homes with loving owners. Even the veterinarian fell in love with the pups and had a hard time handing them back. It took many hands to load them all in the back of the car and she couldn't help but climb in the back with them. She says that parting with the pups at the end of the appointment was the hardest part of her day.