Scuba Diver Swims Among Massive School Of Fish

Published April 21, 2018 402 Views

Rumble / Ocean LifeThere are many wonders hidden in the salty blue waters of the oceans. Truth be told, we know only a small percent of what is really happening in the oceans, almost as much as we know the vastness of the universe. We speculate that life began in the acidic waters of the oceans millenia ago and that should give us an inkling of the true power these vast blue masses on our planet possess.

It is fascinating to watch how the marine organisms function in an environment so different than ours. Amazingly they too have some similar behavioral characteristics as us. Smaller marine animals tend to move in large groups around the icy waters in order to defend themselves from larger predators. The big marine hunters actually roam the oceans alone, keeping more of the potential catch for themselves.

The large groups of marine animals are actually called schools, and this scuba diver was lucky enough to get in the middle of one and film it in Sipidan, Malaysia. The school is created out of fish swimming in a tight-knit group in circles trying to keep the line and don’t let any stray fish outside and into the hungry jaws of the predators. The school can split up and reform once again in order to evade the hunters and this way they manage to only lose a small amount of fighters instead of the whole school. Isn’t that fascinating?!