MAGQI Wireless Automatic Car Mount Charger Review

ZhemJZ Published April 21, 2018

Rumble I really like the concept of this wireless charger. Other "claw-grip" chargers I've had are fine, but I don't like having to pry the phone in and out of the mount. The wireless car charger I have is excellent, but it's a magnetic charger so I have a magnet stuck to the back of my phone and it can get really hot so I have to keep an eye on it so my phone doesn't overheat.
This charger is a vent-mount charger. It does not come with a suction mount but it's a fairly standard mount so you may be able to find a suction mount that fits, if you're in to that sort of thing.The vent holder fits well and seems like it will hold through some bumps. Most impressive is the automatic claw grip that grabs your phone - it's a really neat little thing that makes this the first claw-grip mount I'll actually use. I like that there is a little holder that pops out from the bottom so in case you accidentally bump the claw release, your phone won't immediately drop and is held in place.
What's more impressive is that this unit maintains a bit of a charge while off the charger - so if you have a care that cuts power to the USB/cigarette lighter plug when you turn it off or open your door, you will still be able to get your phone out of the clamp without having to turn your car back on.
And most surprising/welcome inclusion is the ability to turn off the wireless charging feature if your phone is overheating - why don't all my vent-mount chargers have that feature?

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