KMS Live | May 16, 2024 - Gameday

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Gus and Beanbag Ron are in studio as Kirk prepares for the KMS team's first basketball game. (3:00) Kirk gives player comps for everyone for the team. (06:50) Tonight's spread is 38.5. ((7:20) Going through Shark Minihane's odds. (17:00) Kirk asks who will be the biggest wild card tonight. (28:00) Kirk and Coleman need new basketball shoes. (29:30) Kirk announces he will be endorsing Eddie for Dozen MVP. (33:00) After the Patriots schedule release dropped Kirk gives his prediction for their final record. (39:20) Mut called Rich's co-hosts on his new show. (44:20) What is a thot. (45:50) Kirk can't listen to Klemmer on Quantum Week. (58:40) Gus gives a Gaming with Gus update. (01:05:00) Kirk threatens a nuclear bomb on Montante. (01:18:20) Montante calls in to defend himself. (01:22:30) Tim Ridgolds calls in. (01:31:00) Mut calls in to give an update on his eligibility for tonight's basketball game. (01:36:50) Kane shouts out his mom on 3 Up 3 Down. (01:47:25) Gus gives a motivational speech before tonight's game. (01:48:16) Kirk gives his final score prediction.

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