Key West police shoots at tractor driver who attacked college dorms and a police car

1 month ago

A Key West man is now facing two additional counts of attempted murder after being accused of stealing a tractor from a golf course and driving it to the College of the Florida Keys.

Ethan Robert Layne, 22, was initially charged with a single count of attempted murder following the May 4 incident.

He also faces four other felony charges and eight more felony charges are pending, authorities said.

According to Key West police, Layne, a groundskeeper at the golf course, stole the tractor and drove it to the college with the intent of killing two people there.

“He drove the tractor through the lobby of the Lagoon Landings dormitory, then used the bucket attachment of the tractor to destroy the overhead plumbing under the building,” a news release from the police department stated. “Layne then rammed a truck in the parking lot, overturning it. Another vehicle was occupied by a man and his four-year-old daughter. The victim saw the tractor veer toward his car, raise its front end, and it smashed down on his car. The tractor backed away momentarily and the victim was able to escape the car with his child.”

Police said Layne also aimed the tractor at a third vehicle, but the driver was able to evade him.

According to authorities, Layne then drove the tractor off campus and onto College Road.

Multiple people called 911 to report the chaos that was unfolding and multiple police officers responded to the scene.

“The first officer on scene encountered the tractor on College Road in front of the transit center,” the news release stated. “Layne then aimed the tractor directly at the police car and rammed it, lowering the bucket into the windshield several times. The officer then fired several rounds at his attacker.”

Layne was taken into custody a short time later.

No injuries were reported.

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