Ninja Focus ~ For the People Pt. 3 | Law of War | Who is Derek Johnson?

1 month ago

Important: Any additional commentary added by DBS does not in any way reflect the Veterans who authored For the People. D Booma San takes full responsibility for his personal opinions and shenanigans in this work. Hiya!


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To read the Constitution:

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D Mind of Booma San’s work exposing Derek Johnson

Derek Johnson Exposed | Time to hear from the Veterans he has trashed. What’s Stolen Valor & the Three Volley Salute?

Derek Johnson | The Walking Talking Grifting Contradiction:

DSNews | The Truths about RealRawNews & Michael Baxter, GTMO aka Gitmo & Derek Johnson’s Gitmo Grift:

But why does Derek Johnson always go to Mar-a-Lago? Is it possible the Q boards got infiltrated? DBS confronts some criticisms & questions and calls Mar-a-Lago:


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