Western MSM will NOT explain the real MO behind PM Robert Fico's shooting

1 month ago

#BREAKING 🚨Robert Fico, Prime Minister of Slovakia 🇸🇰, has been shot in an attempted murder.

No other head of state leader has had the guts to publicly and boldly state what Slovakian PM Robert Fico has.

Want to know why Aussie mainstream media is silent on the MO behind his shooting ?

Consider this:
- Robert Fico sticks to old-school family values.

- He's a staunch opponent of mass immigration for his mostly Christian nation.

- He's launched criminal probes into his government's COVID response and the shady deals that cost lives of his people.

- He's refused to sign the WHO's pandemic treaty response.

- He's refused to throw cash at the corrupt Zelensky regime.

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