EcoHealth Alliance BANNED | Did The WHO Try To Off The Slovakian PM Over Pandemic Treaty?

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The Kim Iversen Show LIVE | 05-15-24

Ecohealth Alliance, a company who played a major role in the United States Covid Pandemic response, has been banned from receiving federal funding. The Prime Minister of Slovakia is in critical condition after an assassination attempt, was it because he shot down the World Health Organization or because of his anti-war stance on Ukraine? Anthony Blinken loves Rock & Roll and bad optics, some how finding time to play some guitar strings between warmongering in Israel and Ukraine. American doctors are trapped and dehydrated in Gaza, another UN Aid worker was killed by Israel. Anti-zionist Jews seem to be some of the strongest advocates for Palestine, now one of them is setting up an organization to defend humanitarian aid deliveries to the besieged Gaza strip. AI is advancing at an almost scary pace!

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